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10 basic Car Repairs everyone should know

Changing your oil

Once the engine has reached its proper temperature, turn it off, pop open your hood and let it cool down for about 10 minutes.

Checking/Adding Oil to Your Car

You can find out how much oil you need by checking your car’s manual (or looking where the oil goes if possible). If you’re not able to find this info but still feel like you should add some, err on the side of caution and put in less than what is necessary rather than more because you can always drain some off later if need be. Make sure …

Pre-Winter Maintenance Auto Repair Downriver MI

Ah… the cool winters of Downriver Michigan. Like people, cars, or their components are just as sensitive to heat and cold. While Michigan is a nice place to live in, the winters can sometimes be quite brutal affecting even automobiles. The weeks approaching winter is the best time for car owners to perform pending maintenance checks on their cars or any pending auto repair Downriver MI. …

Quality car parts

Basic Car Parts and Their Specific Functions and Purposes

If you ever notice that something is off with your vehicle, the first thing you do is probably take it to the nearest service center. However, it would be a big help if you know how to maintain your car yourself. It would be wise to check the diagram of different car parts for you to know the location of the most important parts of your vehicle. 

Take a look at the different parts of a car for you to have a more in-depth discussion with the service technician and how more about proper vehicle maintenance.…