universal car roof bars

More space in the car

Universal roof bars for cars are a type of accessory that allows you to carry bulky items, such as bikes, skis, surfboards, luggage and more, on the roof of your car. They consist of a pair of horizontal bars, usually made of aluminum or steel, which attach to the supports on the roof of the car.…

car windshield

Car Windshield Maintenance Tips

Everyone knows the adage that prevention is better than cure. This rings even truer when it comes to car care. Even simple maintenance now and then can work wonders to avoid major issues in the near future. When it comes to your car windshield, here are some best practices to ensure that your vehicle is always in great shape. …

motorcycle helmets for motorcycle

Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are the next important purchase you need to make after you buy a motorcycle. While the process of shopping for a helmet may seem simple, it is not. 

One of the most common but grave mistakes you can ever make is trying to save money when buying a helmet. What people don’t realize is that saving a few bucks might end up compromising your safety.

To stay safe and protected during your rides, here are some mistakes you need to avoid at all costs:…

57 Freddy’s 57 Chevy bel air Convertible: The Auto ICON

Chevrolet did receive an entirely new vehicle in 1958, but the 1957 model continued to be popular because of its comparatively low weight and high power output. The ’57 was a favorite among drag racers because its engine compartment could fit some of the bigger big block engines that were later produced.

A full-size automobile made by Chevrolet, the Bel Air was available from 1950 through 1975. From 1950 to 1952, the Chevrolet model range’s two-door hardtops were the only vehicles given the Bel Air designation.…

gas tank

What Happens When Your Fuel Pump Malfunctions?

Your car’s fuel pump does exactly what its name suggests. It is responsible for pumping the fuel from the gas tank of your vehicle to its engine to power it up. 

Considering the critical role that fuel pumps play to make cars move, it is a part of your vehicle that you should be more familiar with. Please continue reading below to learn more about fuel pumps, what happens when they go out, and telltale signs of bad or faulty fuel pumps. …

universal roof bars

Additional space for your car

Car roof rails are standard components attached to the top of your vehicle. However, you should know that these are not standard parts on all vehicles, in fact, most do not have them when they leave the factory. These roof bars serve as mounting points for cross bars and other accessories such as cargo boxes, ski racks, and roof racks. Those who have not fitted them as standard tend to choose universal roof bars.…

rubber mats for the car

Tips to Restore and Clean Rubber Mats for the Car

Drivers often ditch their carpeted floor mats and opt for rubber mats for the car floor because they know they will get quite dirty. It means they will need more floor protection that carpets might not be able to give. 

For one, rubber mats are a smart and all-year-round addition to your vehicle if you often play or work in wet, muddy, or dirty environments. Aside from these, if the winter months in your area get lots of snow, rubber mats can also keep corrosive and messy salts out of your carpeted floor.

However, after the rubber mats have done …


The basics of car straps and what you have to know about them

As you are aware, the powertrain of your car is comprised of a variety of belts, each of which has a specific purpose. For instance, the belt that controls distribution can be distinguished from the belt that controls the alternator. In spite of the significant advances in technology that the automotive industry has made in recent years, these systems remain, at their core, mechanically quite straightforward. However, the fact that they are so straightforward ensures that they are effective.
Nevertheless, the V-belt is a specific form of a belt that we are going to delve deeper into because it is …

universal roof bars

The extra space you’ve always wanted for your car

In the car, even as it is at home, especially in the case of long journeys, space is essential. If we then have to move discrete loads with us it is even more important. We remember all the old movies where 127 tiny ones were filled beyond belief to take families on vacation. In the end, it was the people who had to fit the luggage and not the other way around. Luckily the door bars all save us from this chilling image.

This simple system in fact guarantees us the possibility of adding additional space to our car, without …

best car covers against hail

Keep your car safe in case of hail

Can car covers protect against hail damage?

The power of Mother Nature is never surprising. And the fact that it can damage our property, including our cars, is not something to be underestimated. Winter weather can have an extremely negative impact on our vehicles, especially when it comes to hail, which is basically made up of circular pieces of solid ice falling from the sky at absurd speeds. Obviously, the best way to avoid hail damage to your car is to park it inside, but this is not possible for everyone so many of us has to find other ways …