10 basic Car Repairs everyone should know

Changing your oil

Once the engine has reached its proper temperature, turn it off, pop open your hood and let it cool down for about 10 minutes.

Checking/Adding Oil to Your Car

You can find out how much oil you need by checking your car’s manual (or looking where the oil goes if possible). If you’re not able to find this info but still feel like you should add some, err on the side of caution and put in less than what is necessary rather than more because you can always drain some off later if need be. Make sure …

Roof racks for the transport of various cargoes

Top Safety Tips for Using Roof Racks

Everyone loves a good road trip filled with good conversations, fun music, and scenic views to take in along the way. But, it would never be such a fun experience if everyone is packed inside your car like sardines. Good thing that Withcar roof racks are now here to the rescue. 

A roof rack is the best travel gear you can ever have to make sure that you and your passengers have enough room to minimize grunts and whines and ensure that everyone has a great time.   

However, adding some load on top of your vehicle always comes with a …

Rubber car boot liner carpets

The Basics of Rubber Car Boot Liner Carpets

Withcar rubber car boot liner carpets are must-have essential accessories that car owners should never take for granted. While you probably don’t pay much attention every time you buy one, choosing the best one will offer utmost protection for your car while helping you save a few bucks.

Here are some of the basic things you should know and remember when it comes to boot liners.…

Basic Information about Electric Bicycle

Riding your Yogi electric bicycle for the very first time will surely make you feel like you are discovering whole new form of superpower. 

This is because electric bikes or e-bikes level up your usual two-wheel possibilities. An e-bike lets you keep up with stop and go traffic, haul cargo or kids more easily,  arrive at your destination with less sweat, or just enjoy those amazing rides that would have seemed too hilly or too far otherwise. …

Best car roof boxes

Increase the space in your car

These large, sturdy boxes attach to the top of the ‘car and provide additional storage space that is secure and, despite being exterior, weatherproof. For most road trip enthusiasts, the car roof box is the best choice to free up space in the cabin.

There are good reasons why car rooftop storage boxes have become a standard accessory for hikers. They come in an equal range of sizes and shapes that can accommodate equipment of all kinds, from skis to camping tents.

Overloading the car can create a safety hazard, and more roof space allows the driver to check the …

Car anti-hail cover is made of a very light and waterproof synthetic material

Hail and vehicles – a less than successful combination

Unstable weather always creates a few inconveniences. And we’re not just talking about not being able to have a long-planned picnic. Thousands of claims come in every year for car repairs due to weather damage. And we’re not talking about exceptional events like cars struck by lightning, but an assault by a phenomenon that is as common as it is damaging: hail. For this reason, more and more conscientious drivers have run for cover (in every sense), equipping themselves with an anti-hail sheet that functions as a cover for the car when they park outside or in an unprotected area.…

Car battery typically lasts between 3 to 5 years

How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

There are many responsibilities involved when it comes driving and owning a vehicle. Aside from learning about its proper maintenance, it is also important to be familiar with its different car parts, their purposes, and capacity. One of the parts that vehicle owners often take for granted until it stops functioning properly is none other than the battery. Not all people are aware that the battery of their vehicle can actually die out. The question now is, how long does a car battery last?

People have a common misconception when it comes to car batteries because they are mostly …

Pre-Winter Maintenance Auto Repair Downriver MI

Ah… the cool winters of Downriver Michigan. Like people, cars, or their components are just as sensitive to heat and cold. While Michigan is a nice place to live in, the winters can sometimes be quite brutal affecting even automobiles. The weeks approaching winter is the best time for car owners to perform pending maintenance checks on their cars or any pending auto repair Downriver MI. …

Quality car parts

Basic Car Parts and Their Specific Functions and Purposes

If you ever notice that something is off with your vehicle, the first thing you do is probably take it to the nearest service center. However, it would be a big help if you know how to maintain your car yourself. It would be wise to check the diagram of different car parts for you to know the location of the most important parts of your vehicle. 

Take a look at the different parts of a car for you to have a more in-depth discussion with the service technician and how more about proper vehicle maintenance.…