LED headlights

Remember to Turn on The Lights … but Make Sure They are The Right Ones!

When we talk about car lighting, we must always resign ourselves to making a very cold evaluation, that is the price/performance ratio. Because of new generation technologies such as those of H7 LED bulbs for cars, doubts are multiplying and we have to decide if those who spend the most spend the least in the long term. But let’s start from the beginning.…

Perfect driving even at night

When it comes to LEDs, many people associate them with robots and other futuristic technologies, but the truth is that LED lights are being used every day in more and more occasions and places. They are used to illuminate our homes and offices and are also used in our cars. While it is true that LEDs are usually present in luxury car brands, the trend is spreading to always include them as factory accessories. And there is a good reason why LED car lights are becoming more and more popular.…

Car hail protection

Hail and cars: what to do

Not running for cover in a storm can become a problem, not only for your car but also for your wallet. In fact, in the event of very strong hailstorms, and without adequate prevention, your vehicle could suffer considerable damage.

A car damaged by hail risks being considered scrap, of little value and a danger, even by your insurance. In the most serious cases, however, the car could even be no longer insurable as it is too devastated by hail to be able to identify new damage in it. This is why having an adequate anti-hail cover is the best …

moto cross equipment

The kit for the perfect motocross rider

When starting out in any sport, it can be difficult to have a good understanding of what equipment you really need. And since we have been there, we too understand it perfectly. There are many products and motocross equipment is no exception.

If we want to make a comparison with other sports and examine the costs riding entails, they may seem excessive compared to those of the bike but we know that in any case, the motorbike, gasoline and spare parts still cost a lot of money. Motocross is a relatively expensive sport but that doesn’t mean having to settle

Car boot covers

Essential Accessories for a Clean Boot

Preventing messes before they happen is the key to being able to live an orderly life. While you can’t do much for accidents, such as pouring a glass of milk on the table, you can keep mud, sand and slush off the floor of your trunk with a simple and inexpensive boot tray. 

Trunk liners are the perfect option if you want to keep this area clean and your car’s interior as new and clean as the day you bought it. Protecting your car, whether new or old, is important both to preserve the quality of the car and to …

EGR valve is among the most vital components of the engine

What Should You Know about EGR Valve?

The EGR valve of an average car is believed to have a lifespan of around 10 years in service. This is the reason why it is a complete must that you maintain this valve properly if you want to prevent any issues related to the overall performance of your vehicle. 

Once you notice that there is a fuel smell coming out from under the rough idling or hood, it signifies that it is about time for you to replace your valve. However, most of the time, there is actually no need for you to dispose of it just yet. This …

LED car bulbs on Audi

Hyper-efficient car lighting

When it comes to being behind the wheel, although we may like speed and automotive design, the first thing we look at is always one and only one: safety. And not just in terms of the latest accessories and cutting-edge options, keeping up with the times and technologies. We are talking about the basic features of the car, including a good braking system but above all an excellent lighting system.…

10 basic Car Repairs everyone should know

Changing your oil

Once the engine has reached its proper temperature, turn it off, pop open your hood and let it cool down for about 10 minutes.

Checking/Adding Oil to Your Car

You can find out how much oil you need by checking your car’s manual (or looking where the oil goes if possible). If you’re not able to find this info but still feel like you should add some, err on the side of caution and put in less than what is necessary rather than more because you can always drain some off later if need be. Make sure …