Different Types of Car Motor Oil

Every time your car engine is running and cranked up, the by-products of the combustion process can end up contaminating the engine oil. Once these contaminants have been left to build up, they will form into a stubborn sludge that can get deposited in hard to clean areas of the engine. Using low quality car motor oil or forgetting to change the engine oil on regular intervals may result to the formation of annoying sludge.

The moment the oil passages of your engine and its components get contaminated, the efficiency, performance, and fuel economy of your vehicle may end up suffering. These annoying deposits also trap heat in the engine that is not efficient, placing an added load on the engine.

Quality car motor oil
Choosing the right car motor oil is easy

To ensure that your vehicle won’t be compromised, it is best to be familiar with the different types of car motor oil you can use.

  • Synthetic Oil

    Synthetic oil has been chemically engineered, thus, old molecules have uniformed shape with better properties and fewer impurities compared to mineral oils. Since higher performing additives are used in the formulation of synthetic oils, they have the tendency to perform much better at the temperature spectrum’s extreme ends, be it low or high.

  • Mineral Oil

    Mineral oil is formulated in various quality levels and viscosity grades. Mineral oils are advised for drivers with regular styles of driving and simple engine designs. Drivers who have varied driving styles or heavy foot are highly recommended to opt for synthetic oils as they have oil drain interval and longer service life.

  • High-Mileage Oil

    High-mileage oils have been especially formulated for the newer vehicles or older vehicles with more than 100,000 kilometers on their odometer. These high mileage oils with the special combination of formulation and additives helps decrease burn off of the engine oil, thus helping in the prevention of oil leaks that may take place in high mileage or older engines.

  • Semi-Synthetic Oil

    The semi-synthetic oils make use of a combination of mineral and synthetic oils for extra oxidation resistance as compared to mineral oil. This specific type of car motor oil also offers great low temperature properties for your precious engine.

Which Type of Car Motor Oil Suits You Best?

Now that you are familiar with the different kinds of motor oil available, it is time to consider which one suits you best. There are several factors you need to consider here. First is the age of your car. Are there a few hundred thousand or a few thousand miles on your car? The standard suggestion is that cars with over 75,000 miles should stick with high mileage oil. You also need to think of your specific driving style as well as the climate in your area.

Make sure that you follow the vehicle owner’s manual to identify the right specification of motor oil, grade, oil drain interval, and viscosity for your car’s engine. Choosing the right car motor oil is easy as long as you consider all the important factors.

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