Why Invest in Car Boot Trays?

Your car is one of your biggest investments that you need to protect all the time. This is why you need the best accessories like car boot trays to ensure that your ride will look its best even after years of ownership.

There are different types of car boot tray in the market right now, each of which has its own advantages. Take a look at the most common boot tray styles available to guide you in choosing the product that best suits your specific needs.

Different Types of Car Boot Tray

  • Custom-made boot trays

    The custom made boot liners have been made to fit the boot of your car perfectly. These are usually made by those makers whose main business is to product boot trays to fit certain cars.

    Custom-made boot trays

    Waterproof car boot trays

  • Universal boot trays

    Universal boot liners are available in three standard sizes namely large, medium, and small. Since these sizes don’t consider the depth or shape of a boot, it is unlikely for them to fit properly and securely and there might be gaps left if you have a boot with an unusual shape.

  • Manufacture-made boot trays

    Car companies also product boot liners to suit the specific vehicles they made (Audi, BMW, Fiat, …). Most of the time, these can be chosen as extras upon buying a car.

Qualities to Look for in Car Boot Trays

  • Waterproof

    In case you got a dog or you often carry muddy or wet outdoor gear in your boot, it is advisable to go for waterproof car boot trays. The water-resistant materials of the liner will prevent liquids from getting into your boot’s fabric that can cause smells and stains that are difficult to remove once absorbed.

    Many rubber boot trays are made from water-resistant materials yet the difference lies in the shape of the longer. If the liner covers only the bottom of the boot, water will easily reach the edges and end up damaging the sides of the boot.

  • Heavy-duty

    Strong and heavy-duty car boot trays can protect not just the load placed in the boot but also the boot itself. When you regularly pack heavy or cumbersome items, you will need a tray that can provide enough protection instead of one that will rip, wear, or leave some boot parts exposed.

  • Anti-slip

    Anti-slip car boot trays can stop items from moving around during transport and provide something for your dog to grip onto.

    Many liners that have been described as anti-slip are tray liners or low liners and don’t provide same full protection as custom-made or high-sided liner. So, even if they may let your dog have a comfortable grip on the boot, the sides of the boot are prone to dirt and stains.

    Your best choice is to opt for custom-made and full liner and purchase an additional anti-slip mat.

  • Easy to clean

    If you have dogs or you use the boot a lot, you will need an easy to clean cover. Many boot trays are not that easy to clean. You could always wipe them down yet debris may get lodged in the ridges or pattern. For proper cleaning, you may need to remove them completely.

Preventing messes before they happen is the key to being able to live an orderly life. While you can’t do much for accidents, such as pouring a glass of milk on the table, you can keep mud, sand and slush off the floor of your trunk with a simple and inexpensive boot tray. Read more: Essential Accessories for a Clean Boot.

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