Essential Accessories for a Clean Boot

Preventing messes before they happen is the key to being able to live an orderly life. While you can’t do much for accidents, such as pouring a glass of milk on the table, you can keep mud, sand and slush off the floor of your trunk with a simple and inexpensive boot tray. 

Trunk liners are the perfect option if you want to keep this area clean and your car’s interior as new and clean as the day you bought it. Protecting your car, whether new or old, is important both to preserve the quality of the car and to avoid unpleasant episodes of mold and bad smells. Choosing a good boot rubber mat will help you do all of this.

When should I use a Rubber Boot Mat?

Muddy boots can cost you dearly both in terms of time and money – think about how much dirt they can accumulate on the carpet in the trunk! And if you are the proud owner of a dog who loves to play in the mud, the situation can only get worse. So whether you want to protect your car from wet dogs, dander, sports gear, fishing gear or trash, or muddy boots, you need to equip yourself with a range of durable boot covers.

If you like to go out with your dog for long walks in the countryside, in any season, we are sure that you live with a very happy dog ​​… but with a trunk that is likely to smell and develop mold.

Car boot covers for a clean car boot when transporting a dog.
With car boot covers you will protect your car from dirt settling on the carpet, but you can stil transport various things. Your dog will be comfortable too, without slipping when you suddenly brake.
  • Luckily for you, there are not only rubber mats but also boot liners made of soft, padded material. This means that your dogs will certainly have a more comfortable travel space in the trunk of your car and, thanks to the way they are made, they will not slip or stumble.
  • Plus, if you choose a lined upholstery you won’t even need to take it out of the trunk to clean it: just vacuum and wipe with a cloth dampened with soap.
  • There are also blanket-style quilted mats made specifically to create friction and prevent dirt from settling on the carpet and your dog from slipping.

Of course, if you want to prevent your dog from slipping around the trunk and taking the mat with you, we recommend a rubber mat that will help keep him safe and prevent him from slipping when you turn a corner or suddenly brake.

What to Consider when Buying a Rubber Trunk Mat

There are tons of high quality, durable luggage mats and trunks on the market, so it can be difficult to find one that best fits your space and needs. Let’s see if we can help.

After calculating how much space on the trunk floor you can potentially devote to an upholstery, think about how many pairs of shoes, dogs, sports equipment you usually need to store. While there are metal options on the market as well, be aware that most trunk liners are made from rubber or hard plastic.

There are tons of high quality, durable luggage mats and trunks on the market, but most of them are rubber mats.

If you plan to lift and move the contents of the trunk frequently, the weight of what you move could influence your decision and plastic may be the best option. If you have pets that travel with you, rubber is much more comfortable for them. In both cases, however, we recommend taking edged mats, with one or two centimeters of raised edge: we use to avoid spills of any stagnant liquids.

The same goes for the texture of the trunk linings – wider, raised grooves will dry more slowly but will contain debris, mud and scale safely until you can clean them. While most trunk liners are square or rectangular, be aware that there are some angular or triangle-shaped and even tiered that are dedicated to tight spaces in case you need to limit trunk space to small needs.

Having said that, you just have to carefully consider the type of material among those described and compare it with your needs, both for space and for your lifestyle. Ask yourself if you just need more friction or if you need a system that avoids having to clean your trunk every weekend and decide wisely!

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