The kit for the perfect motocross rider

When starting out in any sport, it can be difficult to have a good understanding of what equipment you really need. And since we have been there, we too understand it perfectly. There are many products and motocross equipment is no exception.

If we want to make a comparison with other sports and examine the costs riding entails, they may seem excessive compared to those of the bike but we know that in any case, the motorbike, gasoline and spare parts still cost a lot of money. Motocross is a relatively expensive sport but that doesn’t mean having to settle for scarce equipment to save a little money. Indeed, we will see that quality helps us to save a lot.

Motocross gear

If you have done an online inspection tour you will have realized that often, when we talk about motocross gear, even the cost of the clothing and protective equipment needed at the beginning can seem overwhelming.

What equipment do we really need for motocross and racing? Let’s try to create our little kit of essentials, together.

1. Helmet

It goes without saying that you can’t run without a helmet. Probably, a good helmet will be your most expensive piece of all but on this piece of motocross gear do not spare: it is the main protection in the event of a fall. Don’t buy cheap helmets from brands that don’t quality test. No brand worthy of its name will sell a helmet without the safety mark. Don’t trust the low cost.

Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Motorcycle Helmets – Motorcross protective gear.

2. Boots

These are also very important pieces of your motocross gear.

They absorb impact when you land after the jumps: a big responsibility, especially for the ligaments and especially for your ankles.

3. Glasses

Without a decent set of motocross goggles, you will have a hard time seeing well. Whether it’s wind, rain, dust, rocks or mud, you need to protect your eyes. And that’s why they can’t be missing from your motocross gear.

4. Motocross equipment to wear (pants, jersey and gloves)

And here we are with the flamboyant part of the equipment: the clothing. It’s not just about style, so don’t make it purely aesthetic. You need a good combination of resistant and durable jackets and trousers that offer some protection in the event of an accident. All to be surrounded with a pair of good motocross gloves that prevent you from getting hideous blisters. Once you have found the perfect combination, we advise you to take at least two or three sets: in the case of racing in the wet, you will not really want to wear your motocross gear for 2/3 days in a row.

what motorcross riders wear?
A chest protector, such as a harness, protects you from the perch.

5. Harness

When you read the product descriptions you will see that when it comes to upper body protectors it will almost always be all about the roost deflector. But be aware that it is very different from a chest protector. The roost deflector will protect you from rocks and dirt raised on the run by other dirt bikes.

A chest protector, such as a harness, instead protects you from the perch (which is not soft and does not cushion the blow when it hits something), but it will also protect you in the event of an accident. If safety is your thing, choose a chest protector complete with both of these elements. Most motocross riders prefer to wear protection dedicated to the roost: they are lighter and have a very snug fit and therefore offer a little more flexibility on the go, but they are not a hundred the same as full protection.

6. Knee and elbow pads

As in the case of the chest harness, there are many riders who choose not to wear elbow pads (we recommend wearing them instead). The reason is that the flexion of the arm when driving motocross bikes is extremely important, and the elbow pads tend to reduce it even a lot. On the other hand, a separate discussion is that of the knee pads: depending on the driving position it assumes, the knee is the part most exposed to continuous and dirty impacts. I don’t think there is a rider who gives up this element in his motocross gear.

quality motocross equipment
For motocross, you’ll need a good combination of resistant and durable jackets and trousers.

These are the fundamental elements of motocross equipment. If it seems that something is missing, the answer is only: a good bag, roomy and comfortable to carry, that lasts a long time and that accompanies you in all your races.

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