Plenty of space with a simple purchase for your car

A car roof box is a large box that is securely attached to the roof of your car. Roof boxes are designed to provide extra storage space for bulky things like sleeping bags, suitcases, sports bags, camping or outdoor gear, or even sports equipment.

Roof box
Roof box allow the carriage of additional luggage

The great thing about having a roof box is that you’ll be able to create extra space in your car for a more comfortable ride, or just take even more stuff with you! One of our favorite benefits of the Withcar roof box is the ability to store important things you’ll need quick access to that wouldn’t be possible in the trunk.

Also, overstuffed cars can pose a safety hazard. Storing your luggage in a roof box will prevent the driver’s view from suddenly being obstructed by a moving object, and you’ll be perfectly able to see through your rearview mirror.

How do you mount roof boxes to cars?

Unfortunately, you can’t just buy a roof box and mount it on the roof of your car. The starting point for any roof box purchase is a roof rack system, so if you already have a roof rack, great news! If you don’t have a roof rack system, you can always purchase it separately or along with your car box.

If you have your roof rack installed and ready to go, you’ll need to check the mounting system your roof box uses and see if it’s compatible with your roof rack system. The three most common roof box mounting systems are:

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