Increase Car Space with Little Effort

One of the accessories installed in the most used cars is the car roof rack. A car roof rack is an additional support, made up of bars that adhere to the top of cars so that weights can be loaded onto them without compromising the roof structure.

Car roof rack
You can transport bicycles, roof box, … with car roof rack

Its main function is obvious: to allow the car to carry large and heavy objects outside the car, without taking up space in the trunk and without reducing the interior space of the car, by removing it from passengers.

Types of Car Roof Bars 

When we have to carry out small removals or in case of family trips for the holidays, we realize how limited the space of our car can be. And it is at that point that we begin to consider the possibility of mounting a car roof rack. It goes without saying, however, that, as with any car accessory, there are several alternatives and we will be asked to choose the one that best suits our needs.

The extra space you’ve always wanted for your car

Obviously, the most suitable type of car roof rack ( is closely related to the type of roof of your car. The first step that you must necessarily do is understand which type is suitable for the roof of your car, and consider the types based on any rubber inserts, types of hooks. And obviously if you have started doing some research between physical retailers and online stores, you will already have an idea of ​​models and types. We also bet you will have come up with two big questions that we want to try to answer.

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