Increase the space in your car

These large, sturdy boxes attach to the top of the ‘car and provide additional storage space that is secure and, despite being exterior, weatherproof. For most road trip enthusiasts, the car roof box is the best choice to free up space in the cabin.

There are good reasons why car rooftop storage boxes have become a standard accessory for hikers. They come in an equal range of sizes and shapes that can accommodate equipment of all kinds, from skis to camping tents.

Overloading the car can create a safety hazard, and more roof space allows the driver to check the rearview mirror without obstructing visibility.

Size and shape of a car roof box

The first consideration when choosing a car roof box is the amount of space you need. The size of your family and vehicle will provide some initial parameters to make an initial assessment.

A box for an average vehicle will have a storage capacity ranging from 300 to 450 liters, which generally will store sports equipment for two to four people. Larger capacity boxes with over 500 liters of storage are available for larger vehicles.

White car roof boxes
Cat roof boxes are an addition to the car

A shorter box will be ample space for the necessities of an end or to carry golf equipment, while skiers will need one of the longer variations. If you are an avid cyclist and need to bring a mountain bike or two on the roof, you may still be able to use a long, slim box that only takes up a portion of the roof space.

Car roof box materials

Best car roof boxes you can buy are rigid and made of sturdy plastic or fiberglass, and many have metal reinforcements. You can choose a gloss or matte finish. The only consideration other than personal preference is that glossy finishes are usually a little easier to clean.

Car roof boxes Nordrive
Car roof boxes to store all luggage

You won’t have to do much to keep the finish of a car roof box clean because most are treated to be scratch-resistant and protected from the sun’s rays. A nice advantage

Rooftop cargo boxes require your car to have a roof rack system with crossbars. Car roof boxes or attachment accessories are often universal, built to fit any track.

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Are car roof boxes safe?

Are car roof boxes protected from theft? Questions everyone asks. Your contents will be safe and secure if you have to stop and leave your car in a parking lot.

Boxes provide locking mechanisms on all access compartments. Some will have a simple system such as an external padlock, and others will have an integrated lock with a key or combination.

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Besides, it is very difficult for someone else to remove the entire box from the car. It will generally be securely attached to the crossbars of the roof racks with powerful safety hooks. 

Some boxes come with snap-on mounts, sort of like factory-installed gripper claws that attach to the car rack’s bars

Convenience and comfort

Withcar car roof boxes are designed with convenience in mind. When you’re preparing for a trip, the last thing you’ll want to deal with is a complicated luggage system. Most boxes install reasonably quickly and are easy to access for loading and unloading.

Double side opening systems are relatively easy to load because they provide easier access. As long as the o roof box is closed correctly and is not too full, you don’t need to cover it or worry about your luggage being damaged by wind, rain, or snow.

Rooftop car boxes are made with high career speeds in mind and are weatherproof to ensure everything inside stays clean and dry. Aerodynamic designs are popular because they reduce road noise and minimize drag on gas mileage – so they are convenient and comfortable.

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