Hail and vehicles – a less than successful combination

Unstable weather always creates a few inconveniences. And we’re not just talking about not being able to have a long-planned picnic. Thousands of claims come in every year for car repairs due to weather damage. And we’re not talking about exceptional events like cars struck by lightning, but an assault by a phenomenon that is as common as it is damaging: hail. For this reason, more and more conscientious drivers have run for cover (in every sense), equipping themselves with an anti-hail sheet that functions as a cover for the car when they park outside or in an unprotected area.

Hail cover: when to use it

The anti-hail sheet is nothing more than a very thick sheet, usually with padding, designed to protect your vehicle from damage due to summer hailstorms when the car is outside and without shelter. This is a simple but effective solution: not everyone has a garage or a roof. However, this does not mean that they should not care about their car and the health of the bodywork in the first place. One of the doubts that may arise is about when to use it.

Car anti-hail cover
Car anti-hail cover for Mercedes

Obviously, during a hailstorm, it wouldn’t occur to anyone to go out in the middle of the storm to cover their car. That’s why there was a need for a simple but functional technology: we have to put the hail cover when the storm hasn’t arrived yet. Of course, we don’t always know for sure that it’s going to rain or hail. So how to do it? Let’s mount it anyway: the anti-hail sheet is made of materials that allow proper protection but does not affect the vehicle’s temperature.

What is the hail cover made of, and how to assemble it

The hail cover is obviously made of a very light and waterproof synthetic material. However, we must not imagine it as a big rain duster for our vehicle. Its peculiarity lies in the external coating, which is composed of a strong and resistant aluminum film that dampens the impact of hail on the chassis. A thick polyurethane foam padding absorbs the blow. The padding is not too thick. Just 6mm laid on a non-woven fabric that comes into direct contact with the body and is soft enough to avoid scratches when putting on and taking off the hail cover.

Car anti-hail cover - how to attach
Car anti-hail cover offers protection anytime and anywhere

The fixing system is tied under the body, usually through some straps with adjustable length and hooks, to preserve the cars’ good health.

Many anti-hail covers, that you can buy in the Withcar online store, also tend to have a thick elastic on the edges that increase the whole system’s wind resistance. However, very simple in short, it is a double fixing system that has been designed to protect our vehicle as much as possible, safely and without being an indirect cause of any damage to the bodywork.

Why we should equip ourselves with a hail protection sheet

First of all, if we chose to buy that car, we probably care about it, like it, or attached to it. If, on the other hand, it’s merely a matter of use, we still need the hail cover to prevent storms from ruining our vehicle.

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In explaining to you how to mount the hail sheet, we have taken particular care to reassure you of its ability not to damage the bodywork. However, we must say that the effects of hail on the vehicle are not just about the paint’s good condition or the lack of impact bumps. Most of the damage that is created to vehicles by weathering is on the windows.

Video: Hail Armor Cover Installation

These elements of the car, windows, and bodywork are not cheap to replace or even repair.

Equipping with an anti-hail cover is one of those cases where prevention is better than cure, as the possibility of damages cannot guarantee to continue using our vehicle without problems caused by atmospheric agents. Moreover, it is not true that a hail protection cover is only useful in the case of hail. The waterproofing protects the vehicle from more or less intense rains and too much heat, which could fade the interiors or become annoying when the car is exposed to the sun. The cover is, therefore, a good standard in all seasons.

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