The Basics of Rubber Car Boot Liner Carpets

Withcar rubber car boot liner carpets are must-have essential accessories that car owners should never take for granted. While you probably don’t pay much attention every time you buy one, choosing the best one will offer utmost protection for your car while helping you save a few bucks.

Here are some of the basic things you should know and remember when it comes to boot liners.

Common Materials for Boot Liners

Boot liners can be made of fabric, plastic, or rubber as a car mats.

The generic boot liners requiring you to cut to size are often made of the standard PVC material. The liners that are patterned on top for them to be non-slip are usually made of rubber. These two materials are both reasonably hard-wearing, easy to clean, and waterproof although these might not be suitable for dogs since they might not be that comfortable. 

Rubber car boot liner carpets
Rubber car boot liner carpets feature a patterned and raised design to ensure that items don’t slip

Rubber Car Mats or Rubber Boot Liners?

There are people who refer to them as rubber mats while others call them rubber car boot liner carpets. The most appropriate name, however, is probably a rubber mat since this type of liner just sits on the boot’s floor and doesn’t line or offer protection to the sides of the boot in such a way like what many boot liners do. 

Rubber car boot liner carpets are easy to clean
Cleaning rubber car boot liner carpets is very easy

This means that there are several downsides you can expect if you choose a rubber mat instead of a full boot liner. It is always recommended that you use both a rubber mat and a custom made boot liner to stay on the safe side. 

About Rubber Car Mats

Rubber car mats have been designed to offer protection to the floor of the boot. But, unlike other designs of boot liners, these mats don’t keep the sides protected. 

Being a hard-wearing material, you can expect rubber to protect the boot’s floor against oil, acid, and other chemicals. This is waterproof as well and UV light doesn’t make it fade.

Many rubber car boot liner carpets feature a patterned and raised design to ensure that items don’t slip around inside the boot and cause damage. 

Some of the main advantages of rubber mats are:

  • Waterproof 
  • Offer protection against UV light, dirt, and oil 
  • Easy to remove and fit
  • Easy to clean
  • More affordable than other materials

Raised-Edge or Flat Rubber Mats?

A flat rubber mat lies flat in the boot of the vehicle and offers an extra layer of protection. These are made not to slip and ensure that the items stay secure. Flat rubber mats also make it easy and quick to clean small spillages inside boot. 

Video: How to use rubber car boot liner carpets

A raised-edge rubber mat or also known as tray is made to be the sole mat or boot liner of your car. They feature edges that curve upwards to form the shape of a tray to keep the debris and liquids inside the mat. 

Raised-edger rubber mats cover only the bottom of the boot, which means that back of rear seats and the walls will remain vulnerable to stains or spillages. 

Features to Look For in Car Boot Liners


Anti-slip rubber car boot liner carpets can stop the items from moving around during transport and offer something that the dogs can grip into. 

Many liners that are described to be anti-slip are tray liners or low liners and don’t provide the similar form of full protection as custom-made or high-sided boot liners. Even if they offer your dog a comfortable grip, the boot’s sides are prone to dirt and stains. Your best choice is to opt for full custom-made liners together with an additional anti-slip mat. 

Easy to clean

When you have dogs or you are using your boot often, you will need an easy to clean cover. Many rubber trays are not that easy and simple to clean. Wiping them is possible but debris might get stuck in the ridges or pattern. You need to completely remove them to achieve a proper clean. 

Easy to fit

Most boot liners must be cut to size for them to fit. A simple mistake while trimming and you might not get the proper fit or the kind of protection that you need.

The liners that are not custom made that don’t require cutting to size usually arrive still rolled up and should be flattened first for some time before you could put them into place. But, they can end up curling up even then. 

The custom made rubber car boot liner carpets will not just fit your boot in perfection since they are also easy and nice to install. 


Strong and heavy-duty boot liners ca protect the boot itself as well as the load that you place inside the boot. If you often pack heavy or cumbersome stuff, you will need a liner that provides enough protection instead of one that will rip, wear out, or expose some parts of the boot. 


If you like to take along your pet during your trips, you have to ensure that they are safe and comfortable. Search for features such as added comfort and odor protection. You also have to ensure that your chosen boot liner is of high standard and durable. Cheaper liners have the tendency to break easier and faster when put under lots of stress. You can save more money down the road if you invest in the right product from the start. 


For dog owners or those who carry muddy or wet outdoor equipment in the boot, it is important to look for waterproof boot liners.

The water-resistant materials of the liner can ensure that the liquids don’t seep into the boot’s fabric and cause smells and stains that might be difficult to remove once absorbed.

While many boot liners are made using materials that are water-resistant yet the difference all comes from the shape of the liner. If the liner covers only the bottom part of the boot, it will be easy for water to trickle down the edges and end up damaging the sides of the boot.

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