All-Weather Car Mats as the Ultimate Protection for Your Car Interior

You probably don’t know or notice it but yes, the interior of your car ensures a constant barrage of different forms of abuse day in and day out. From spilled coffee to muddy boots, the boot of your car takes a serious beating without you even realizing it. Good thing that all-weather car mats serve as a simple but effective solution to safeguard the interior of your car from moisture, dirt, and damage. …

cargo roof racks for car

Cargo Roof Racks for Car Safe Driving Tips

Are you gearing up for your next camping getaway? Do you plan to spend your holiday season with a long drive to your favourite destination? Or maybe your vehicle just needs additional storage space? Whatever your needs may be, it’s incredibly beneficial to have quality cargo roof racks for car.

But there’s a catch, though. While it’s true that roof racks can increase your cargo capacity, your current driving habits will need a few adjustments here and there to ensure complete safety not only for yourself but also for your passengers, your vehicle, and others on the road. 

Here …

transmission belt

Car Transmission Belt Types and Maintenance Tips

The transmission belt is a critical part of the powertrain system of a car. These belts transfer the engine’s power to the wheels and other parts of the car to ensure that it runs seamlessly and smoothly. 

You can find transmission belts in several types, each with unique applications and characteristics. 

This article delves into the different kinds of transmission belts in cars, their specific uses and applications, and several tips on how to care for them. …

Factors That Affect Car Wrap Cost

No matter what you choose to call it, whether it’s a car wrap, car foil, or car stickers, one of the first things you should know is to familiarise the factors that affect its price. 

Car wraps can do wonders in making your vehicle look more unique while protecting its original paint job at the same time. However, not all car stickers are made equal and no two car foils are often the same.…

Car roof racks

Space problems with luggage of all kinds

It is also important to choose the right roof racks for your vehicle. Not all roof racks are suitable for all types of cars, and it is important to choose roof racks that are compatible with your vehicle or that are universal. Some cars may require a specific roof rack mounting system, while others may have roof racks integrated into the vehicle’s roof.…

position lights

Discover the Secrets of Position Lights

What are position lights? Where can you find them in your vehicle? Do they turn on automatically? How do they work in the first place?

If you’re like most drivers, chances are you’ve never heard about position or parking lights during your driving class. But don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you were busy sleeping or doing something else. Parking lights are among the most misunderstood and overlooked parts of a car most drivers even find it hard to identify them. 

To finally put an end to the confusion, here are some of the important things you should know about …

universal car roof bars

More space in the car

Universal roof bars for cars are a type of accessory that allows you to carry bulky items, such as bikes, skis, surfboards, luggage and more, on the roof of your car. They consist of a pair of horizontal bars, usually made of aluminum or steel, which attach to the supports on the roof of the car.…

car windshield

Car Windshield Maintenance Tips

Everyone knows the adage that prevention is better than cure. This rings even truer when it comes to car care. Even simple maintenance now and then can work wonders to avoid major issues in the near future. When it comes to your car windshield, here are some best practices to ensure that your vehicle is always in great shape. …

motorcycle helmets for motorcycle

Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are the next important purchase you need to make after you buy a motorcycle. While the process of shopping for a helmet may seem simple, it is not. 

One of the most common but grave mistakes you can ever make is trying to save money when buying a helmet. What people don’t realize is that saving a few bucks might end up compromising your safety.

To stay safe and protected during your rides, here are some mistakes you need to avoid at all costs:…

57 Freddy’s 57 Chevy bel air Convertible: The Auto ICON

Chevrolet did receive an entirely new vehicle in 1958, but the 1957 model continued to be popular because of its comparatively low weight and high power output. The ’57 was a favorite among drag racers because its engine compartment could fit some of the bigger big block engines that were later produced.

A full-size automobile made by Chevrolet, the Bel Air was available from 1950 through 1975. From 1950 to 1952, the Chevrolet model range’s two-door hardtops were the only vehicles given the Bel Air designation.…